The Mathematical Grammar School is starting a international competition named Mathematical Grammar School Cup. It will include students born in 2008 or later competing in mathematics, physics and informatics.


  1. The goal of the competition is to encourage the development of maths, physics and informatics knowledge among all the participating students.
  2. The Mathematical Grammar School Cup will be held annually. The 2024 Cup will be held from June 24th to  26th.
  3. English is the official language of the competition.
  4. Participation in the Cup is by invitation only. A team is formed of four students (born in 2009 or younger) and team leader (a teacher). Every team should confirm its participation by filling out and submitting a form.
  5. Every student can compete in one, two or all three subjects.
  6. The Jury will be formed of the team leaders and a Mathematical Grammar School representative.
  7. The problems will be prepared by the Mathematical Grammar School. Team leaders would help with the translation of the problems into their respective languages.
  8. The awards will be given for individual and team achievements in each one of the three subjects. In order to be eligible for an award in a subject, a team must have at least two competitors in that subject. Rankings will be sorted by an average number of points of the team’s competitors in a single subject. Special prizes may be awarded by the Jury.
  9. Each Contestant will receive a Certificate of Participation.


37, Kraljice Natalije Street, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Email for team leaders





For mathematics competition:

Head of School




For physics competition:

School Secretary




For informatics competition: